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Treat your team to a beautiful ebike tour in Cape Town and surrounding

Ebike ride for team-building, corporate events, and tailored rides for tour operators are our specialities.

We have a fleet of high-end Electric mountain bikes
giant stance.jpg
Dirt E+ Giant
Stance Giant
Talon E+1 Giant

Tours can be booked for groups of four to sixteen people.


We usually conduct events and team-building activities near attractive locations where superb wine tasting and meals may be combined, and where most people love spending time.

Tour operators

Are you looking to add a unique leg to your tour? For suggestions, please contact us.


We provide top-of-the-line offroad electric bikes, bottled water, helmets, guides

Prior to every tour, we give an overview of our riding protocol, rules, and safety guidelines.

all tours and events are under the supervision of a skilled guide.

What you need to know

minimum skills requirement: knowing how to ride a bicycle!

There will often be a mix of riding experience and skills in larger groups, and we can separate the group at the same venue if necessary.

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IMG_3812 (2).jpeg
Important Information and riding level


Ebike Tours can be done on the road or a mix between offroad (Jeep track / single track).

Basic bicycle handling is required.

Minimum height = 1,6m.
Maximum weight = 105kg

What to wear:

A pair of cycling shorts is recommended, but normal shorts will suffice if you do not have cycling shorts.
Closed walking shoes, sunglasses and a windbreaker. Most importantly, sun protection and your camera!

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