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About Us

Featured in Country Life March 2019 click picture to read more...

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Driven by passion

Our team are all avid cyclists and nature lovers. We enjoy spending time outdoors.

cycling on Chapies

Customer focused

We want visitors of all ages and fitness levels to be able to enjoy their time with us, that's why we only provide top of the range Giant electric bicycles with mid engine and pedal assist, the best you can find for maximum balance and power delivery, however it is necessary that you know how to ride a bicycle.

Safety first

Our team members have years of experience cycling the different paths and will make sure that tour members are safe and accounted for at all times. Should the need arise, our team members are all trained in first-aid. Our bikes are equipped with LED lights systems.

ebiking on Victoria road

Sharing the experience

We think that traveling a city like Cape town by bicycle is simply magnificent and that's why we'd like to share the experience with you.  When it comes to discover a town like this one, there is nothing better than cycling with an Ebike.

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