Wednesday 14/09

The best-guided cycle tour in Cape Town

You are invited to join us on an awe-inspiring adventure! Discover Cape Town’s most magnificent places on an Ebike tour with our friendly guide, Roland. Ebiking allows you to experience Cape Town’s beautiful sights from up close and explore places not always accessible by car. As you peddle gently, you’ll get a unique perspective on the Mother City’s most famous attractions, panoramic coastal routes, West Coast wildlife and other amazing sights! We offer a range of electric bicycle tours in and around Cape Town, ranging from, half-day tours to multi-activity day trips. And best of all, the ride is effortless – the Giant Ebike’s electric motor does all the
hard work for you! 
​Being driven by a passion for travel and a love for the outdoors, we can't wait to share this experience with you.
There simply is no better way to experience Cape Town.

Book your guided cycle tour in Cape Town with us today and
indulge your sense of adventure.
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